So after getting the gasket set earlier that day, I was motivated to at least do something on the 110.  That thing was slapping the Leopard L28 into the engine bay so I could check clearances for the headers.  Being they were from a Z, it’s a known issue for them to foul on at least something when they make their way into a C110 chassis.  So, in the engine went.  Resulting in this;

Wheels Straight

Getting pretty close with everything straight, which didn’t bode well for when the wheels turn to the right, and sure enough…


Having said that, the engine is tilted backwards slightly due to the weight and position of the mounts on the C110.  Once it draws level with a 5spd on there, bolted into place, it might only be a gnat’s pube away, I think at the very worst I’ll have to put a minor dent in the collector.  No dramas then!  It also looks a nice height from underneath;

Transmission level. Stoked.

You’ll also not that the L28 sump sits nicely level with the splash/stone guard/undertray.  Sweet.  So happy to have found a Leopard L28, so much less pissing around to put it in the Skyline chassis than a Z L28 would be.


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