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This little sucker was parked outside near my work lastnight, so when I finished I figured I’d grab a snap.  I’ve seen it driving about every now and then but haven’t been able to get to the camera quick enough so luckily it was parked this time!

Clean and Wet.

Well looked after and cherished little car, I’m sure.


More on this next week, here’s a single picture for now that should illustrate the kind of person that attends this event;

AmeriCARna. Oh dear.

Hopefully the closed road cruise tomorrow night and the show on the Saturday prove a little more exciting.


Posted by u686work on YouTube, shared by NZDMAE86 of oldschool. How could I not share it again with you chaps? Another one after the click

NZ Outlaws Stretch

March 24, 2010

So, the latest little ramblings and whispers over the last few months seemed to indicate that there was legislation en-route that would stab right to the heart of those that love stretching their rubber (oh mai!).   Well, this is the document that’s doing the rounds at the moment and it most certainly puts pay to anyone who thought they could get certification/legalise their slim rubber on wide wheels.   I would imagine that New Zealand may well be the first country to kill a trend that has foundings in everything from European to Japanese, to Lowrider culture.

It will be interesting to see how things pan out.  Though I have a feeling that the ink hitting the paper already means a repeal is unlikely.


At a glance, it looks like any other 3-door Familia of the era; even the listing title doesn’t really give away the fact that it’s a front-drive turbo model. I would have skipped right over it, had my caffeine-deprived brain not caught up at the last minute and realized what it actually was.

Steelies? Yawn, boring. Probably a SOHC carb model. Wait, what does that decal say down the side?

Sure enough, one closer look and the details became more obvious:

Unique patterned Recaro interior, and almost virtually stock B6T... what have we here?