NZ Outlaws Stretch

March 24, 2010

So, the latest little ramblings and whispers over the last few months seemed to indicate that there was legislation en-route that would stab right to the heart of those that love stretching their rubber (oh mai!).   Well, this is the document that’s doing the rounds at the moment and it most certainly puts pay to anyone who thought they could get certification/legalise their slim rubber on wide wheels.   I would imagine that New Zealand may well be the first country to kill a trend that has foundings in everything from European to Japanese, to Lowrider culture.

It will be interesting to see how things pan out.  Though I have a feeling that the ink hitting the paper already means a repeal is unlikely.



  • kyteler says:

    Yeah, I realise this. The interesting point is that it’s only recently that I’ve heard about that people are getting denied their certification due to it. Who knows though, could be people being denied since then. Have to wonder about the bucket boys. They get dispensations to run fenderless with certain parameters, I wonder whether there’s something similar with this, and what is on page 2??

  • Irving says:

    this is rediculous. is there n e reason for it? its not like the tyre can pop off the bead that easy. also negates the recomended tyre size for a vehicle which would most likely mean a stretch on a wide rim. the recommended tyre sizes on my poster at work go smaller than those also. what about the tyres that are designed specificly for stretched fitment? would it not be stupid to bypass the manufactures recomendations aswell?

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