From Ukraine with Kenmeri?

January 12, 2010

Perhaps you have to be a Skyline nerd to understand that pathetic attempt at humour.

Whilst trawling the forums of Japanese Nostalgic Car last-night, I wandered across a fairly rare sight, especially outside of Japan.  The sight was one of a PC110, but not what you would expect of one.  This was no Export market Datsun 180K, oh no, it’s a genuine Japanese Nissan Skyline 1800GL and as the title of this entry suggests, it’s in the Ukraine, curious!

Nissan Skyline 1800GL

The basic story behind it, is that it was exported from Japan (via Boat) in 1991 into the Ukraine.  Apparently sailors of the USSR did this in relative frequency,  so it is a real Skyline with motivation from the Prince designed G18 Engine.   Bought for the princely sum of 500USD  (roughly $680NZD)!  Not too bad.  The amount of rot that encompasses it reminds me of my own C110.

Post purchase and 450km journey to it’s new home on the back of a lorry…

Keep on Truckin'

…the task of returning it to a usable specification began which by the looks of things could take some time!

Oh mai, got rust?

Got grime?

Lots of fixing ahead.  You can see how much has already been sorted and how much is left to sort on several websites, as such;

…and of course you can see where I found it on JNC, here;

I’ll be sure to keep tabs on progress with it, it’s nice to see someone eager to restore such a car, I know many who would see that rust in the left front and call it a day and that’s without taking into account the rest of the car.

I myself best get on to scanning the parts manual for the chap as I said I would!  This could take some time …



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