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I’ve lost count of the times I have been asked whether a particular wedge Skyline is an R30 or an R31.  Even amongst so-called Skyline “obsessives” there’s a lacking in ability to tell the difference.  So rather than having to explain it time and time again, I figured that I would take a moment to make an entry on RC about it and then when it comes up again (which it most certainly will) then I can just point people here.  Personally, I don’t see how you can’t see the differences but I put that down to a beyond ridiculous admiration of the Skyline range on my part.

31 Coupe (left) , 30 Coupe (right)

31 Coupe (left) , 30 Coupe (right)

So, if you are one of those people who can’t pick the difference even after the above photo, then carry on reading and I’ll detail the more obvious external features as generally once you pop the bonnet on the car, if the engine housed in the bay doesn’t tell you, then the chassis stamp and data tag most certainly will…


Who the %&#^ is Chris Cain?

December 16, 2009

You tell me. Because whoever he is, he owes me $20 for these mirrors I just picked up (via

All claims shall be made to orion at tx3nz dot com.

p.s. Apologies for the lack of updates recently… I should really write something about my recent roadtrip to Wellington. Here is a photo to tide you over until then:

them turbines be HUEG (by decypher the code)

them turbines be HUEG

Pure, Undiluted Inspiration

December 15, 2009

Whilst scanning RR for another entry entirely, I stumbled upon this project which (for reasons beyond my comprehension) I had somehow missed previously as it has been about since August!  I was in awe from the get go and I figured I simply had to make an entry about it or I would be failing you the reader.   So without further delay, I present to you a 1963 Taunus  Transit Transporter project…

Start with one mint ’63 Taunus Transit Van that already had it’s own amazing project thread;

Restored, Modified, Enhanced.

Restored, Modified, Enhanced.

…and then cut it up;


C110 – Again

December 14, 2009

So having left a lot of the rear quarter to go, on Friday afternoon after I had finished work for the day I shot home and due to the weather was resigned to wire brushing in the garage, which is annoying only for the fact that due to the previous “work” done on the C110, the garage fill with bog dust.  Which isn’t the best, really.  Anyway, so I hacked into the bog;



It wasn’t long before I decided that the amount of damage to this area regardless I would be better to as gently as possible, chip the bog off with a screw driver, then tidy up the residual filler with a wire-brush later, much like this… (more…)

With starting work in the evening and it being a magically fantastic day, I pulled the C110 out from the garage and got stuck in to the doomed side with my wire wheel and pistol drill.  Time consuming but rewarding none the less.   Here’s what I started with;

My first real port of call was the lower rear quarter, behind the wheel.  Being that the corner where the rear panel met the rear quarter was so horrifically repaired, things did not bode well.  Of course, how could they when the previous owner was so wonderful with his “repairs”.  The next discovery just provided further proof of inability/deception. (more…)