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A good time in a small space?

December 29, 2009

Back at work again… what’s all this talk about an xmas break?

Anyway, I’ve been perusing the Google Books service a bit lately and there are all sorts of interesting magazines and articles from all eras to be found (a lot of them for free), including this nice little piece titled Japanese Micro-Mini Cars from a 1985 edition of Popular Mechanics. At the risk of sounding like a lazy contributor with nothing of his own to write, you should go read it.

No, not that sort of 'rex'

Not sure how I came across it, was originally looking for some Nikon camera articles – but that’s the wonder of teh innerwebs for you I guess.

(it’s almost worth looking through just to chortle at the contemporary print ads!)

Popular Mechanics, Jul 1985: Japanese Micro-Mini Cars »