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VW Type 3 Fastback

December 22, 2009

You may recall a little while back I spotted a Type3 Fasty parked not far from my work and snapped a quick shot of it.  After it was posted I received a comment from Isaac, the owner of a Rat Rod, informing me of who it belonged to and where I could find the owner.  In the subsequent weeks I stumbled upon the owner (Tim) one morning before I started and we got to talking about it and other things, at that point in time I had a new camera coming and I asked whether he would mind if, once my camera had arrived, I took some photos of his car.  His answer was a positive one and he informed me of where is sat during the day so I could just roll on up and grab some shots where it sat.  Yesterday evening I did just that and here are the resulting photos;

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