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So, you like slot mags?

December 8, 2009

Enkei Dish is the Japanese equivalent of what is and has been a mainstay in NZ automotive culture for many, many years.  Irrespective of manufacturer, they’re well known colloquially as “Tridents” (despite their name actually being Tridens) they’re often seen on Kingswoods and Falcon’s of 70′s vintage.  Quite wide and usually with tyres whose second job is provided entertainment at children’s parties.

I was browsing YAJ and happened upon an auction for some brand new Enkei Dish wheels.  A few clicks later and I came across this page;

Which has them available for various PCDs in both 15×8 ’0′ offset and 15×10 ’0′ offset.  Perfect for that period correct 70′s machine.

Horrible on the Jeep that they’ve shown but a lot smarter on the likes of this;