VW Type 3 Fastback

December 22, 2009

You may recall a little while back I spotted a Type3 Fasty parked not far from my work and snapped a quick shot of it.  After it was posted I received a comment from Isaac, the owner of a Rat Rod, informing me of who it belonged to and where I could find the owner.  In the subsequent weeks I stumbled upon the owner (Tim) one morning before I started and we got to talking about it and other things, at that point in time I had a new camera coming and I asked whether he would mind if, once my camera had arrived, I took some photos of his car.  His answer was a positive one and he informed me of where is sat during the day so I could just roll on up and grab some shots where it sat.  Yesterday evening I did just that and here are the resulting photos;

Authorised Vehicles Only.

As is usual the photos are hosted on flickr and the link to the complete gallery is at the bottom of the page though because the car is so badass I shall post them all up here anyway, mostly due to the fact that because it was all parked up my options were limited as to the amount of angles I could get.  Though without further banter, enjoy!

VW Type 3 Fastback flickr Gallery

And that’s that.       …for the moment.



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