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Once was Hilarious

October 7, 2009

Was searching through some old photos on the computer the other day and stumbled upon one of my old C110, not long after it’s cover-up respray by the looks and wearing it’s standard grille along with a set of what looks like Ward mags.  It’s just that little bit hideous, jacked on shallow slots.


Period correct, yet... ...entirely wrong.

Thank custard those days are behind it.


Ed and I were harmlessly browsing all things Japanese Automotive and for sale, sending links back and forth, when he fired me a particularly badass one that contained such images as these;

Mazda Familia

Hino Contessa

Hino Contessa Coupe


Guess the Car

October 6, 2009

Should probably give a clue that it was only a prototype.  I can think of at least one person who may well know.

Thanks to the wonderful (and well known to RC and it’s reader’s) Jarred a.k.a FLAWLES, we’ve been graced with a hundred and one third-ish (they’re Ford’s, so are measured in an Imperial nature) of the Ford Muscle Car Club’s Trackday.  Which other than a few ghastly and boring moderns, looks to have been a hell of a time out.  I’ve provided a few samples which caught my eye when browsing the album, you can check them all out on the gallery link at the end of the entry, so without any further delay;

70s vs. 80s

70's vs. 80's

MkI Escort Lifting a wheel

MkI Escort Lifting a wheel


Shame about my lack of cash and their minor lacking in diameter.  Though if I had the cash, I would make an exception;

14x9 and 14x11

14x9 and 14x11

…one day…