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…when seeing this makes you happy;

The fender hides the truth.

The fender hides the truth.

Not quite as well off but not horrible

Not quite as well off but not horrible

It’s a 36 year old Nissan.  It could have been a LOT worse!


OS GIKEN Kit Mania! FJ24

August 19, 2009

must say, I’m pretty damn tempted. But further inspection reveals it doesn’t come with any 2.4l-specific conrods, and one set of piston rings is missing. Though I suppose I could use regular FJ20 ‘rods – the seller claims his standard rods worked fine…

Might not be the best value for ¥298,000 (NZ$4665), although the crank itself is probably worth moonbeams.

whadaya think?

Guess that Car

August 18, 2009

Go on then, guess;

Do you know?  I didnt

Do you know? I didn't

Click the image to see it larger if you think that it helps.  All answers on a postcard to ; retro-classics (ie. leave a comment)

You’ve got a day or until someone guesses/knows it, whichever comes first.  The prize is a dollar that I will present to you should we ever meet.

Lately whilst browsing for DR30s on the internerds I’ve noticed a rather startling trend: the majority of ‘em have either Longchamp XR4s, Formula Mesh, Impul G5s, or Watanabe RS-8 wheels fitted. And to be honest I’m guilty of perpetuating this trend myself, as I happen to have a set of meshies on the coupe and some RS-8s lying around which are to one day find themselves on squid…

on a whim I stuck my Work Ewing-IIIs on Tardme the other day – while I’m not expecting them to sell in any big hurry, it got me thinking about what I could purchase from Japan to “fill the void” as alternative rims for either of my Skylines. So off to Yahoo Auctions Japan I went, with the criteria being that the replacement wheels had to be 15″, minimum width 6J, available as a full set of 4 for under 50,000 yen, and NOT any of the styles mentioned above.

In other words, Different!

Option 1: (more…)

Amazing “Barn Find”

August 17, 2009

They just keep coming, you know there’s got to be a metric f**kload of magical cars tucked away places you just don’t get to see them an then when someone stumbles upon them for whatever reason, you’re always just taken aback with their existence.  One such car that’s come to light in Australia recently is this little sucker;

CSP311 Nissan Silvia

CSP311 Nissan Silvia

Just magic.  Such a beautiful car.  The very first Nissan to wear the ‘Silvia’ nameplate.  It’s a shame they stopped for so long afterward and then stopped again more recently.  The first Silvia was a new body ontop of Fairlady Roadster mechanicals.  This particular one has a few bits incorrect but that’s a price to be paid when all of this shape were hand-made so any breaks and such, especially in a place other than it’s country of origin (Japan) would prove difficult to get the required parts to replace.  This fine example of a motor vehicle is in Tasmania.  You can read more about it via the JNC (Japanese Nostalgic Car) forums.