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More C110 Progress.

August 24, 2009

Being it was an absolutely magical weekend, I spent a good few hours of that on the cars.  On Saturday I decided I would give the interior of the Terrano a good clean up.  Didn’t take any pictures of that obviously because it’s boring as hell.  Still got more to do on the inside as I got roped into doing other things being the day was so good.  Sunday rolled around and just as I had hoped it was as good as the Saturday if not a little better, somehow.  So I decided it would be a good time to roll the C110 out of the garage and have a good hack around to see just how bad the rest of it is (having already seen the front of the sills aren’t all bad).  I know the roof and the rear of the car is the worst affected, primarily due to the fact that the previous owner claims there was a vinyl roof that he removed.  It would have been a lot better had he remedied the situation properly when he removed said roof, though I fear it was done with only half of an arse and subsequently I am left to deal with bodge fixes in many places.  ANYWAY!  Onto the pictures…


Showing the RHS but the LHS was very, similar.

I grabed the ol’ wirebrush attachment, thwacked it into the drill and went about my work of cleaning up sections with surface rust to see what was underlying.  Then, before too long I decided that I’d just take it back to steel.  I got distracted by the indents in the bog and decided to grind back enough of it so that I could fit my badges for shits and giggles, thusly; (more…)