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Swap meet 09

August 7, 2009

I figured that I would expand on kytelers post and post up some of my favourite cars from the Palmerston North swapmeet 09

I was a huge fan of the rat Herbie, would be so awesome if it could be made road legal

Huge V12 Lincoln that had a carb smaller than most 70s cars


Mighty mighty steed

August 7, 2009

A pity Starions never really held their value here in NZ – which makes importing one not really that viable unless it was for a collection of some sort, but it’d be nice to own something this tidy/original.

This here’s a 1983 GSR-III model (with intercooler, so the 8-valve G63B gets a power bump to 175PS), tan cloth interior and smooth gunmetal paint. Starting bid is currently 200,000 yen (NZ$3100) which makes it something of a bargain, although it’s hard to tell whether start=reserve. No word on whether it comes with the factory optional blue smoke, but with only 59800km on the clock one would hope not!

now if only the interior was maroon, it’d be the perfect GSR-III…

Stallion Turbo GSR-Ⅲ 5MT IC

You will look forward to see the records, I think the car has been well established treatment of it.

Linky to auction is here for the curious, and the seller has also provided an additional image gallery.