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Rusting in peace…

August 3, 2009
resting amongst the trees (by decypher the code)

Let's go sunning, it's so good for you!

The abandoned remains of a 1950s International R190 sit peacefully under a tree. Amazingly, the owner claims the engine still starts and runs, but due to time constraints I wasn’t able to witness this spectacle for myself. Perhaps I’ll take him up on that offer next time I’m down that way – there are a few other rusting hulks dotted around his property which I’d like to trek back to and photograph at some stage.

So melancholic, yet… somewhat dignified.

rusting hulk (by decypher the code)

Pretty flowers need the sun, this applies to everyone!

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P. North Retrospective

August 3, 2009

With this weekend just been being the oldschool Palmy Swap “Meat” weekend (an forum event using the Palmerston North Swap Meet as a loose excuse to get drunk and rowdy), I thought seeing as I didn’t make it this time I’d show some photos of the cars from last year, when I did attend.  Hopefully Alex will put up a post of this years event either later tonight or later this week.  If he doesn’t do such things I may well stab him in the eye with a pushrod.

I used to have most these photos as an entry on the blog which sadly died a horrible death after some hosting issues. SO, if you’ve seen them before, that will be where, well…  either that or oldschool itself.  AAAANNYHOOO, on with the show;

Arrival in Wellington from Invercargill, I was picked up from the AirPort by Pies and Seedy Al.  Wellington was host to some fine automobile spotting, all things considered.  Not all managed to be snapped and some were just horrific, but that’s what you get for taking photos out of a moving car and a lack of preparation.

Holden Monaro GTS

Holden Monaro GTS

Spied on the motorway on the way out to see this next beast, which was at the time owned my Pies, it has since found a new owner.

Toyota Corona MarkII MX41

Toyota Corona MarkII Hardtop

Then on the way back from the lockup, this was encountered;  Thankfully the picture looks sweet.

Mitsubishi Galant Colt

Mitsubishi Galant Colt

Of course this was not the end of the spotting, there were many more retro and classic vehicles lining the streets of various parts of Wellington and the Hutt.