Having read on several websites and having seen the outrage amongst retro and classic car enthusiasts in both the UK and the US and with talk of NZ’s retarded mule government just latching on to a global trend like a South Auckland teenager does to US Rap Culture.  It’s good to see not everyone is quite that blind.  Local Auction website Turners Auctions is trying another tact.  Rather than just killing these vehicles thusly contributing nothing of any means to anyone who might actually been using and maintaining their cars for as long as possible (the “greenest” of all options, if you think buying a newly spat out Hybrid vehicle is a “green” option then you’re simply retarded) they’re offering to collect (within reason) and sell without profit on their part old and dis-used vehicles, just to keep them from rotting or dying somewhere horrid and leaking their contents into the earth (not that that actually happens tremendously often in reality)

You can read more about Turner’s plans on their own website, here;


I for one would like to commend Turners of their take on this scheme and I hope that many cars that would otherwise be neglected can now be moved onto people who can take full advantage of them.

Bravo Turners, recycling at it’s greatest and thanks to Pete (retep130) on oldschool.co.nz for the headsup.


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