After logging on this morning, I checked my blogroll, as you do, and stumbled upon what at first glance seemed an interesting (but not tremendously so) post on the JNC (Japanese Nostalgic Car) blog.  It showed a RHD Bluebird 411 in the US that had apparently been imported to the US from little NZ of all places and not only that, but…

Southland Motor Group, Invercargill.

Southland Motor Group, Invercargill.

Nice.  You can read more about it on the JNC blog here; Kidney Anyone?

Or if you’re that way inclined you could buy it from eBay here; Datsun 411 For Sale

Always amusing to see tales or things that have come from little old Invercargill and have made their presence known elsewhere.   Obviously Goodbye Pork-Pie and Burt Munro are probably the most commonly known of such things though I’m sure there’s more.  This little Bluebird obviously isn’t of that ilk though is still interesting.



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