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OSFW – Video Sadness

March 19, 2009



This just in! Celica vs. Soarer. As was mentioned and photographed in this entry.

The moment of sadness and heartbreak during the recent oldschool nationals.  Video by brocky41, owner of TUFDAT.  To their credit, both drivers and cars kept on, afterall… it is part of being on a racetrack, accidents happen.  Commendable regardless.

You can view more of brocky41′s OS video’s by looking at his YouTube profile here;

OSFW – Aussie Origins

March 18, 2009

In continuance from yesterday’s post, I thought I would do another Country of Origin selection, this time dealing with some of OS’s member’s rides selections from over the ditch.  Again, as with the American category.  There’s not a massive amount of these on oldschool.  I think the main reason for this is that NZ is well catered for, club wise, for these vehicles and so most end up on other forums.  Generally the yokel, one-eyed, incest type forums who think that anything Japanese or European is inferior because it doesn’t have a pushrod V8 in it.  Not all the time of course and not everyone with those cars is like that.  As is the case with the society though, the loud minority makes their presence felt more times than the majority.  I digress!  Onto the cars;

1971 Chrysler Valiant

1971 Chrysler Valiant

This fine specimen of a Valiant was only purchased by OS member ‘lowrota’ quite recently.  It’s been kept in damn good shape and the VG is by far one of my favourites.  I think it’s the parklamps in the top of the front fenders that does it for me.



Burt Munro’s a bit of a favourite New Zealander of mine. Not really recognised too heavily as one of our great achievers, as most motorsport types rarely are (you’re meant to play a barbaric form of grab-ass to be ‘cool’ here, thus, rugby union ‘stars’ are, sadly, our children’s heros). (more…)

OSFW – Americana

March 17, 2009

What’s OSFW?  Well, after showing some of the coverage from the OS Nationals I thought it would be a good idea to do a bit of feature week on, so, 1+1 OSFW = oldschool feature week.  Each day I’ll share a few different project threads from the wonder that is the forums.

First up will be a few selections from what is essentially a minority on OS.  American Cars.

1951 Ford Sports Coupe

1951 Ford 'Sports' Coupe

First up, Lee’s new acquisition.  A 1951 Ford.  Quite possibly the most magic of era’s, that lent to leadsled’s, the smoothest and most ultimate in rides.  Where customization meant a serious amount of metal work, these were not times of bolted on plastic and made to fit aftermarket parts.


The myriad of images that have been popping up over the last few days tell the tale in and of itself.  However for those unaware I should possibly go into a little more detail.  If you’re a reader of this blog you may have noticed this entry a little while back, indicating that the OS Nats was due to happen shortly.  The dates have passed and the moments have happened, unfortunately it was yet another oldschool event I’ve not been able to attend due to living at the other end of the country, numbers perhaps seemed a little lacking though the fun had by that those that did attend.  More than made up for it, I’m sure.

Here’s a sampler of the track action… - the real cars - the real cars... ..and a Vauxhall.