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Citroën height correctors

February 14, 2010

Hey guys.

Long time since I posed here, so thought it was time I got my act together and wrote something.

Welcome to Workshop De La Cameron.



Burt Munro’s a bit of a favourite New Zealander of mine. Not really recognised too heavily as one of our great achievers, as most motorsport types rarely are (you’re meant to play a barbaric form of grab-ass to be ‘cool’ here, thus, rugby union ‘stars’ are, sadly, our children’s heros). (more…)

The Citroen car club of New Zealand held it’s national rally a couple of months ago from the 23rd til the 26th of January. Based around Masterton the rally started with the ’75th Anniversary Traction tour’ ending it’s week long journey from Auckland.

Although quite a while ago, I’ve not really been able to set aside any time to write anything on this…

We went along on the Saturday for the Pride of ownership and Gymkhana event at Solway showgrounds, and in the Afternoon, a navigational trial which saw most of the cars cover around 110km around the Masterton area.

Most of the time when you go to car club days, there’s a massive turnout of newer models,  however, out of around 80 cars that were entered in the ‘pride of ownership’ portion of the first day, about 70 could be seen as ‘classic’ Cits. From BX’s, right back to Post War Tractions, and everything D, 2CV, and CX in between.

Here’s a few sample pictures from the pride of ownership display, the link to the rest is at the bottom of the entry.


Introducing Cam…

December 21, 2008

Hi there,
I’m another contributor here… some of you may know me from , you poor people.

For those that don’t, I’m Cameron, I’m 23, I live in New Zealand.

Without going into a long winded history of what I’m into, what I’ve owned and what I’ve failed at, I’ll just chuck up a couple of pics of my current fleet and give a summary….
I’ve been into cars since day dot. First car was an oldie, then I started getting into newer stuff…. something was missing… character. Buckets and buckets of character… My current fleet shows how I’ve been trying to make up for this ever since.