Burt Munro’s a bit of a favourite New Zealander of mine. Not really recognised too heavily as one of our great achievers, as most motorsport types rarely are (you’re meant to play a barbaric form of grab-ass to be ‘cool’ here, thus, rugby union ‘stars’ are, sadly, our children’s heros).Without typing a long winded history about his life and achievements, and his total dedication to a life of speed, you can read all about that in a couple of autobiography writings about him, or for a slightly less accurate picture, but easier and still very inspiring, a recent movie starring Anthony Hopkins: The World’s Fastest Indian, gives a pretty reasonable outline of his epic life.

Anyways, the man’s a legend, and if you haven’t read up on him or seen the movie at the very least, you should.

Afterwards, as seen here you can purchase a pretty cool piece of New Zealand’s motorsport history.


  • kyteler says:


    Although I have to say that I’m a bit ashamed that I didn’t post this. Being I’m from and live in Burt’s home town of Invercargill.

    Perhaps I should rock down to E Hayes and take some photos of the various stuff on display from his past there.

  • citrophile says:

    Actual pictures up close would be cool.there’s not alot out there with any real substance

  • kyteler says:

    Will get onto it this weekend, all going well.

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