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March 17, 2009

What’s OSFW?  Well, after showing some of the coverage from the OS Nationals I thought it would be a good idea to do a bit of feature week on oldschool.co.nz, so, 1+1 OSFW = oldschool feature week.  Each day I’ll share a few different project threads from the wonder that is the oldschool.co.nz forums.

First up will be a few selections from what is essentially a minority on OS.  American Cars.

1951 Ford Sports Coupe

1951 Ford 'Sports' Coupe

First up, Lee’s new acquisition.  A 1951 Ford.  Quite possibly the most magic of era’s, that lent to leadsled’s, the smoothest and most ultimate in rides.  Where customization meant a serious amount of metal work, these were not times of bolted on plastic and made to fit aftermarket parts.

You can view a few more pictures of Lee’s car on the RC flickr account here;


…and see his project thread on OS, here;


Next up, a car that will be featured on RC at a later date when it’s all complete or close to it is a ‘rod belonging to Rhys (Insani-T).  Being it’s still in build phase and as we all know projects can take some time and get delayed for a number of reasons, there’s no complete shots but I quite liked the look of this mock-up;

Insani-Ts rod

Insani-T's 'rod

The build thread can be seen here;


Next up, another car from the magic era htwn-escort-boy’s ’52 Plymouth

1952 Plymouth Cranbrook

1952 Plymouth Cranbrook

As with most cars on OS, I would think, the Plymouth was bought from trademe.co.nz as the above picture would indicate.  Though in externally stock form by comparison to Lee’s Twin Spinner, it’s still just as sweet with perhas only the chrome smoothies being a little odd even if they are entirely appropriate for the era.

You can check out a few more pictures and details on the thread here;


From a generation previous and still with epic style, though this particular example is slightly lacking in that with it’s curious shade of lilac, is Muzzie’s ’47 Fleetmaster;

1947 Chevrolet Fleetmaster

1947 Chevrolet Fleetmaster

More can be read about the car and it’s history on Muzzie’s project thread, here;


The last addition to this entry is from a few generations in the other direction.

1967 Pontiac Laurentian

1967 Pontiac Laurentian

Filthy_One’s replacement vehicle after he sold his magazine featured Rotary Engine converted MkI Cortina Estate.  Filthy gets into and goes through his projects so fast that by comparison, most people would still be negotiating the price or figuring out how to transport the vehicle to their abode.

You can check out filthy’s progress here;


That’s us for today, keep your eyes peeled for whatever projects I decide to share tomorrow (I haven’t decided yet, it’ll be a surprise to me too.)



  • Rhys says:

    Should have given me a heads up Micheal and I would have put a far more recent picture up of the bucket, with headers and stuff on now.
    American cars FTW
    Its not very often they are considered in the minority, go us

  • kyteler says:

    Feel free to do so man, I can edit these entries on the fly so it’s all gravy!

  • Josh says:

    Cool idea, sweet spread.

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