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Classic Drifting

March 23, 2009

In reference to my previous post about wanting to see more Retro’s and Classic’s on the track, I thought I would share with you a YouTube video as proof that some older cars could most definitely mix it up with the new kids.  Although I by no means condone the place in which these shenanigans were performed, the focus is on the capabilities of the car to perform a task and perform it well which I think this video shows.

Classics. Do it.

Look, even the Americans try it…


Potential Features

March 23, 2009

Well this weekend was pretty interesting.  The V8 utes were on down at Teretonga and I didn’t even attend to scout the carpark looking for worthy vehicles to photograph.  A shame I guess, but being I’ll be out there most of next weekend for another event, I’m not too worried about it all.   This coming weekend, for the first time the motorsport event of drifting is coming to the curves of Teretonga.  I know a few of the Christchurch people coming down and as a consequence I should have some fairly decent pictures to show of the event.  I know, I know, it’s not entirely retro or classic infact, very little of it is.  There might however be some retro natured cars there, so I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you all and for myself, obviously.  I’m actually really keen to see some more classics being used in the sport.  Sure, there’s the mainstay of E7 and E8 Corolla’s but it would be nice to see a bit of something else.  Maybe some well setup 70′s steel cruising the track.  All that aside, I was out in the weekend and across the room I saw a Magnum PI looking motherf*!ker.  I got his attention and proceeded to commend him on his casual 80′s styles.  He came over and we got to talking about cars.  It turns out, he owns this;

Isaacs Rat Rod

Isaac's Rat Rod

If it looks familiar to you, you may have already seen it thanks to RT’s photographs of the Rangiora MuscleCar Madness! show.  As it happens, Isaac and his old man are big classic car fans and have quite the collection.  With his old man importing cars from the states for sale over here, so currently details are being exchanged and I’ll shoot out to their abode some stage in the near future and feature the hell out of his awesome ‘rod.  So keep your eyes peeled, modified American steel coming to an RC entry near you.


Buy my DR30!

March 21, 2009

Far be it from me to use this blog for personal gain, but unfortunately, it has to be done; the hand has been forced, the die has been cast, all that sort of guff.

under the hammer goes my DR30 coupe. Reluctantly, yes, but also ambivalently so. It’s not that I don’t care about it anymore, but more the fact that selling it may prod me into re-evaluating a few things.

Yeah, it’s personal.

Enough with the obliqueness. Here’s the link, so tell everyone you know who might be interested!


DR30 for sale

With the week closing up on me, I’m somewhat squeezed for time.  I doubt I’ll have the ability to make another post in the weekend but you never know, we’ll just assume that I won’t though and as such I’ll try and put a final minor selection of OS cars on here that fill the remaining areas not catered for in the American, Australian or Japanese posts.

This first one, is a little bitter sweet for me.  I’ve never liked the Vauxhall Chevette aesthetically, it does absolutely nothing for me.  A friend of my mother’s used to have one and I always found it horrid.  As such I never really had much to do with them.  Then… I came across this car;

1980 Vauxhall Chevette Wagon

1980 Vauxhall Chevette Wagon

I still have trouble liking the nose of the car but goddamn, it’s just such a freakin’ sweet ride.  If you could ever do a Chevette the right way.  This is it and not only does it look the part externally it’s been modified purposefully also.


Continuance from the previous two. This one however is going to be far more difficult. The largest contributor on oldschool is likely those project from Japan. Rather than go through a whole pile of epic, epic projects. Which perhaps I should do. I’m going to randomly pick one (maybe two) from each manufacturer. It’s going to be hard though so bare with me. They might not be what you’d expect.


1974 Suzuki LC50

1974 Suzuki LC50

This particular car has been amongst a few people on OS and is rare enough and downright cool enough to not only deserve mention but to take the frontpage of the Japanese cars.  Currently in the hands of Dat180 it’s looking it’s closest to being back on the road.  Fingers crossed.  You can read about it here;