Classic Drifting

March 23, 2009

In reference to my previous post about wanting to see more Retro’s and Classic’s on the track, I thought I would share with you a YouTube video as proof that some older cars could most definitely mix it up with the new kids.  Although I by no means condone the place in which these shenanigans were performed, the focus is on the capabilities of the car to perform a task and perform it well which I think this video shows.

Classics. Do it.

Look, even the Americans try it…

A bit twitchy but still in development there and still damned impressive.

So, you can’t buy off the shelf parts as easily to sort the car out for use, if you select the right retro or classic despite that fact, you’ll potentially spend less on the purchase of both the car and all it takes to make it solid. Though there is merit behind the ease of cookie cutter drifters like the mainstay post ’88 Nissan’s and Toyota’s, it would most definitely make for a more entertaining and watchable series of events if the mix of cars was greater. Think of the amount of money it takes to turn an R32 or S13 into a ute or even purchase the car outright. Then imagine how much less you’d spend making a B210 or 310 sedan perform the same task.


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