Introducing Cam…

December 21, 2008

Hi there,
I’m another contributor here… some of you may know me from , you poor people.

For those that don’t, I’m Cameron, I’m 23, I live in New Zealand.

Without going into a long winded history of what I’m into, what I’ve owned and what I’ve failed at, I’ll just chuck up a couple of pics of my current fleet and give a summary….
I’ve been into cars since day dot. First car was an oldie, then I started getting into newer stuff…. something was missing… character. Buckets and buckets of character… My current fleet shows how I’ve been trying to make up for this ever since.

Currently I’ve got:
1972 Toyota MS65 Crown

1990 Peugeot 205GTi

1960 Citroen ID19

1990 Peugeot 405Mi16.

Most are undergoing some kind of refurb/work/modification, all of which can be seen on in the project section.

Looking forward to posting further ramblings here in the future…


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