Hello all, my name is Alex but I’m better known on the internet as Durty.

I figured I would write a wee introduction about me and the cars i have owned.

I owned a 1984 Toyota Starlet, followed by a Civic, Sentra and a Cordia

Then one day kyteler posted a link on oldschool.co.nz to a trademe auction for my first Volvo, a 1978 Volvo 264. I managed to buy it for $215 and never actually did anything with it due to it blowing a headgasket and some idiots biffing rocks through the windows

but now i was hooked, two 1982 244′s followed in quick succession

Which I bought for $700 and $150

next came a 1985 360 which i bought for $200

both of these 240s and the 360 have taken me on 600km round trips and been pushed around racetracks and gotten me home again with only a few minor problems.  These cars have all been unbelievably reliable and solid for a dirt cheap price.

the milage on these 4 cars have ranged from 275,000km to 340,000 miles

My latest purchase is a 1988 Volvo 480ES.  Its a 1.7 litre manual fwd, and has just ticked over 120,000km

These are one of my dream cars but I never thought I would find one for sale. So when this one turned up on trademe i had to have it. I sold my boring toyota and flew up to rotorua and drove it home

It cost me $1400, I drive it to work 5 times a week and have taken it around taupo racetrack and plan to do it again


  • Orion says:

    I saw a 480 yesterday, pretty gnarly looking cars. Turbo one would be mega epic :D

  • durty says:

    Haha, I happen to have all the turbo manifolds, ecu, loom etc in the garage from a 440 turbo they had at pickapart the other week, just incase i want them on a rainy day

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