December 17, 2008

oh hais!

Chief En-gnear kyteler has asked for some voluntary contributory services to his blog-thing, so here I am all ready to roll.

dee are furdee

1983 DR30 Skyline coupe

for those fortunate enough to not already know of me: I collect junk from the ’80s, and said collection of junk happens to contain a car or two (or three… or four) – see above for one such example. “Oldschool” technology has always fascinated me, and the ’80s Japanese sports car combines the best mechanical, electronic, and aesthetic finesse of that particular era into one neat package.

anyway… over the coming weeks I’m hoping to start a series of posts detailing how to import yourself a “classic” vehicle of at least 20 years of age from Japan into NZ. This will be a continuation of various tangents on my other blog (which hasn’t been updated in some time – see: writer’s block) including but not limited to this entry and, to a lesser extent, this one.

of course, with the way our dollar has nosedived against the yen in the last couple of months, I’m betting no one in their right mind is currently planning such a venture – but through some random stroke of fortuitous timing I was able to whisk my latest acquisition into the country literally days before the bottom dropped out of the world’s economies. So while the process remains fresh in my mind I’m fairly eager to start documenting the process, shitty economic climate or otherwise.

stay tuned for moar…

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