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December 15, 2008

Starting with introductions, as one does.

This blog section will eventually be a contributing (though currently the only) part to a website that I hope will cater for cars and talk about cars, and other automotive related things of a retro and classic nature (as the title suggests). Though I love all things automotive, I do inparticularly enjoy the aesthetics and characteristics of cars from a pre-1990 era.

From the wooden spokes of the first powered carts, to the large crazy fins and chrome of 50′s, to the digital adventure that was the 1980′s and everything in between. Every car has potential.

I grew up amongst Australian steel in my early years. My father went through a rift of Holden’s and a Chevrolet or two, some of which before I was born. If he’d hung onto his 1959 Chevrolet Impala sedan, who knows what kind of cars I might have at the moment instead of the classic Japanese steel that has come into my ownership.

A direct rival of my father, was my uncle, whose cars came from the Ford stable. 70′s Falcon’s were generally his weapon of choice, one of his more memorable cars was a XA GT351 replica that he tore down and built from scratch. It was a beautiful car once completed, sporting a deep blue with silver accents.

Something that these early years of GM vs. Ford taught me, was that there was actually very little difference between these manufacturers, at least in the Australian aspect. It really came down to what you liked the look of. Neither were inherantly mechanically more advanced or better by any means, than the other. Just slightly different.

I guess that could have been the catalyst (well, that and the difference in pricing) to my parents buying Japanese vehicles in the 80′s.

We had such fantastic contraptions as Toyota van’s of both Hi and Lite Ace variety, a Datsun utility and a few diesel Nissan sedans.

Long story short; I’ve owned a 1978 Chrysler Alpine Avenger, a 1976 Ford Escort MkII, a 1985 Holden VK Commodore, 1973 Datsun 240K Hardtop (C110), 1981 Nissan Bluebird ZX (910), 198x Toyota Celica Hatch (RA63), 198x Toyota Carina (AA60), 1985 Nissan Silvia (S12) 2 of and my latest acquisition which I got this year is the pride of what I’ve owned thus far, a 1963 Prince Skyline Super (S21).

1st Generation, Prince Skyline (s21)

1st Generation, Prince Skyline (s21)

Not a typical car to come across and one I couldn’t pass up when given the opportunity to own.

I’ll be trying to get a few other people I know who share a similar passion, to add to this blog site. Whislt this is happening and between my own posts, you’re best to visit some of the websites I frequent. I’ll attempt to create a list of them that should appear on the right hand side of the main page (though perhaps not on individual post pages).


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