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What car meet in Japan would be complete with the crew that carries on the bosozoku style?  None.  None is the answer to that question.  As such, here’s a smattering of those mentioned that attended the Nagoya show.  Enjoy their aesthetically offensive, racing car inspired awesomeness.

Nissan Skyline Japan (C210)

Toyota Soarer (MZ10)

I have a Soarer Ass (well it's not suprising with all those holes)


Thanks go out to Ewan ( for many, many things.  This time though it’s for taking a good whack of photos whilst he’s out and about at various events or otherwise.  In this instance he took the recently acquired KHR31 GTS-X that he attained on behalf of Shaun (Mettler) after this atrocity to the Nagoya Classic Car Show, the results as you will see momentarily are beyond awesome.  As you’ll see from the small share of photos this time around, the focus is on the larger Japanese sedans that were present.

Mitsubishi Debonair - Pure Class

Nissan Gloria (A30) - Stacklamp Wonderment


Whilst researching the possibility of another job, I have been spending some time looking up vans on YAJ (Yahoo! Auctions Japan) simply because the price in Japan, transport, bought and landed via Ewan @ is a lot cheaper than attempting to buy one locally from the car yards.  Another thing I’ve noticed during the search is that Toyota Hiaces command quite the premium and a newer, lower mileage Nissan Caravan can be had for sometimes half the price.  However, that’s enough modern jibber-jabber.  It’s safe to say that if the courier companies allowed the use of older vehicles (2005 is the cut-off) then I would most definitely roll one of these instead;

Nissan Caravan

Nissan HOMY

Toyota Hiace

Toyota Hiace

Sadly, this is not a viable option.  That being said, with the purchase price and initial setup cost of the Courier venture, it’s likely to be outside my reach at the moment regardless, so no options are viable.  I guess I’ll keep looking and dreaming.  One day…


There’s something incredibly captivating about the stance of this KDR30, almost like a tiger ready to pounce.

I can almost forgive the uglyfront in this regard.

maybe it’s just the angle, or the tightly cropped focus, or even the way the front wheels are turned… but whatever the reason, it just exudes this aggressively cool aura!

photo courtesy of minkara

With the latest addition I mentioned the other day, my new rear spoiler, I am left with only a replica 110GT-R grille to get.  My modified standard grille makes do for the time being but as with the previous rear spoiler, the differences between the actual look and something “close” are quite large.   Given I have all these bits (aside from the grille) I figured on the weekend just been that I would move the crap around in the garage and take a photo or two of my YAJ acquired parts coupled with the 14″ XR4′s and see what the overall look was, this was the heart warming result;

Body Part Accumulation, 90% Complete

Just getting to this point would have been impossible without the help of a few people so now is as good of a time as any to just say a quick thanks to my friend Richard, for his help in retrieving the Longchamps after I bought them from the other end of New Zealand via as well as constant support in the matter, Ewan ( who was instrumental in the purchase of most of the Japanese Market parts I have for my C110, everyone else who has offered support and assistance.  I’ll try to not let you down with the end result when I can finally get around to it.  Then I guess I’ll have to do the same with the S21!