Thanks go out to Ewan ( for many, many things.  This time though it’s for taking a good whack of photos whilst he’s out and about at various events or otherwise.  In this instance he took the recently acquired KHR31 GTS-X that he attained on behalf of Shaun (Mettler) after this atrocity to the Nagoya Classic Car Show, the results as you will see momentarily are beyond awesome.  As you’ll see from the small share of photos this time around, the focus is on the larger Japanese sedans that were present.

Mitsubishi Debonair - Pure Class

Nissan Gloria (A30) - Stacklamp Wonderment

Toyota Crown Wagon - Yes please, I'll take that.

Nissan Gloria Wagon w/ Toyota Crown Sedan

Nissan 330-series Broughams

…and last for this entry but by no means least…

Toyota Centurys

Awesome.  As you can imagine these are the tiniest showing in a classic show for the most part so stay tuned for the smaller sedans and the sports coupes that everyone loves so much (think Corolla, Chaser, Soarer, Skyline, Celica) in the next few instalments.


(again, photographs are courtesy of Ewan –


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