What car meet in Japan would be complete with the crew that carries on the bosozoku style?  None.  None is the answer to that question.  As such, here’s a smattering of those mentioned that attended the Nagoya show.  Enjoy their aesthetically offensive, racing car inspired awesomeness.

Nissan Skyline Japan (C210)

Toyota Soarer (MZ10)

I have a Soarer Ass (well it's not suprising with all those holes)

Nissan Leopard (F30)

Leopard & Skyline Japan

Toyota Century

Nissan Leopard (F30)

Nissan Skyline Japan (C210)

Toyota Soarer (MZ20)

Toyota Chaser

Toyota, Nissan, Toyota, Nissan

Toyota Celica Supra XX (MA61)

Toyota Mark II/Cresta/Crown/Whatever

Toyota MarkII Grande

Toyota Sedans for Africa

And that’s the end of that chapter!

Again thanks goes out to Ewan @ Hayatonka (http://www.hayatonka.com)

Stay tuned for the next installment.



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