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long story short, my mate Shaun spent four years and over $20,000 putting his V8 Skyline coupe together (it was one of the very first Nissan VH41DE conversions attempted worldwide, and the only KHR31) – he’s very meticulous when it comes to researching and building stuff. Yesterday was meant to be the GTS-8′s maiden voyage around Taupo racetrack, but instead not 20km from Taupo the tow van got its death sway on and ended up flipping multiple times, as well as the car trailer… with Shaun’s car strapped to it :shock:

This photo makes me a sad panda

Words cannot express how absolutely gutting this is, but fortunately no one was killed and no other vehicles were involved – Shaun’s dad and his friend Reuben were injured but are on track to making a full recovery.

however the power of the internets continues to amaze… (more…)