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So, you like slot mags?

December 8, 2009

Enkei Dish is the Japanese equivalent of what is and has been a mainstay in NZ automotive culture for many, many years.  Irrespective of manufacturer, they’re well known colloquially as “Tridents” (despite their name actually being Tridens) they’re often seen on Kingswoods and Falcon’s of 70′s vintage.  Quite wide and usually with tyres whose second job is provided entertainment at children’s parties.

I was browsing YAJ and happened upon an auction for some brand new Enkei Dish wheels.  A few clicks later and I came across this page;

Which has them available for various PCDs in both 15×8 ’0′ offset and 15×10 ’0′ offset.  Perfect for that period correct 70′s machine.

Horrible on the Jeep that they’ve shown but a lot smarter on the likes of this;



Teretonga Race Meeting

December 7, 2009

Last weekend was the last Teretonga session of the year though obviously only one of the first of the summer racing season.  I skipped out there for an hour or so to catch up with some people as well as take a few snaps.  The results of which are as follows;

Pre-65 Anglia

Pre-65 Anglia

You can view the full flickr gallery here:


Epic NI roadtrip, start

December 5, 2009

By the time this entry gets published I should be well on my way to Taupo for Leg 1 of my North Island roadtrip.

Just me, a TX3, and a bunch of camera gear…

The aim is to get to Wellington by Tuesday, spend a few days down there, then head back to the land of orcs. However for every meticulously detailed plan there exists an equally large spanner to throw in the works; namely, Leg 2 of the journey was meant to include a stop in the Hawkes Bay but the two people I’ve been planning to catch up with from that area are seemingly out of touch right now. So I may have to fall back to the alternative – which is to hoof it down the Desert Road directly to Palmy, instead of going over the range from Taupo and following SH2 down.

Anyway, I shall (hopefully) update from wherever there exists adequate 3G and/or a proper ‘internerd’ connection!

Laser TX3 Waipapa '07 (by decypher the code)

Western Access (Kihikihi - Mangakino)

Personal Inspiration

December 3, 2009

Heading into the weekend I thought I’d find a few things to try help motivate myself;


Bring on the weekend.


On Saturday just past (the 28th of November to be precise) there was what I would call a “typical” Car Show, held in Invercargill.  Gone are the days where people bring out there well looked after cars that they’ve owned forever.  It seems in the US car scenes side of things that the majority of the show ponies are recent imports, bought from the US for relatively cheap and then flicked to some poor sap who doesn’t have the ability to import the car themselves and as such is willing to pay an horrific premium because of it.

I pulled up to the gates in my recently acquired Japanese Classic.  It received exactly the reception I had anticipated.  Contempt.    However being that this is a small backwards, hick town in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, I would have been surprised at anything else.  The man at the gates looked down his nose and pointed me toward the car park.   I parked amongst a mix of modern Aussie plastic fodder as would be expected at such a gig and dragged my partner along with me into the “show” area, where she then had to endure me attempting to take at least two photos of each car worth photographing that was there as well as my usual mix of detail photos.  A select few of the results are as such;

Impala vs. Mustang

Impala vs. Mustang