Rusting in peace…

August 3, 2009
resting amongst the trees (by decypher the code)

Let's go sunning, it's so good for you!

The abandoned remains of a 1950s International R190 sit peacefully under a tree. Amazingly, the owner claims the engine still starts and runs, but due to time constraints I wasn’t able to witness this spectacle for myself. Perhaps I’ll take him up on that offer next time I’m down that way – there are a few other rusting hulks dotted around his property which I’d like to trek back to and photograph at some stage.

So melancholic, yet… somewhat dignified.

rusting hulk (by decypher the code)

Pretty flowers need the sun, this applies to everyone!

Mini flickr set here »


  • Rhys says:

    Where did you say these photos were taken?
    Might ask some of the older locals if they remember Wilcox

  • Orion says:

    I didn’t mention it, but they were taken out Arapuni way.

    as you might imagine the Willcox Spares company is long gone, but it would be neat to find out a bit of history, exactly what happened to them etc. I’m pretty much just a sucker for old nostalgic signage and stuff like that.

  • Rhys says:

    O ok, so the trucks didnt venture too far from home.
    Will ask around and see if anyone remembers them.

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