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July 2, 2009
perfect match (by decypher the code)

Got OCD much?

1983 red and black iron mask KDR30 turbo is the best kind of Skyline. Michael will probably disagree with me here, but what would HE know? :P Read on to see my “STRONGEST SKYLINE” Goo-net picks of the week:


Bertone cars

July 1, 2009

Was browsing wikipedia and figured I would do a post about some Bertone cars and concepts that i thought were choice.

First up is the Fiat Dino coupe which is beautiful


In an attempt to bring another shade of things outside the Japanese spectrum, I found myself wandering over to where else but the mighty RR, safe in the knowledge that there was bound to be at least a dozen items that would catch my eye. Of course, I was correct. I shall now share with you a select few things that I thought were pretty damn special, starting with this;

1940s Diamond T-truck w. 40ft Trailer on the ¼ Mile

1940's Diamond T-truck w. 40ft Trailer on the ¼ Mile

That’s right, a truck & trailer running on the strip.  Not only is it epically cool just at that but the trailer unit is a portable American Diner!  …and the time it ran?  27seconds!   Sadly in my brief Google about it, I could find no more info, if you want to see the thread about it on RR, you can click this.

Another that almost instantly caught my eye was this… (more…)