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Goodbye Sweet Silvia

July 7, 2009

So the day finally came and went.  I made a voyage to Dunedin this weeked been to swap my S12 Silvia for a D21 Terrano.  Though the exchange was not without it’s hiccups, the Silvia ran faultlessly all the way to Dunedin, it was sad to see it go but these things have to happen in order to aid the other more important cars.  I drove into Dunedin in the early afternoon, the car covered in road grime from the journey up on roads that had been covered in grit due to the ice, for many days previous, so I gave the S12 one last clean and took a few photos of it for memory’s sake.

Of course, having done that, I figured I’d visit young Zeb (proprietor of to see whether he was at work.  Turns out he was and despite expecting to see his Alto, I was amusingly surprised to see his Toyota MarkII in it’s currently unfinished stance.  (more…)