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Bertone cars

July 1, 2009

Was browsing wikipedia and figured I would do a post about some Bertone cars and concepts that i thought were choice.

First up is the Fiat Dino coupe which is beautiful


In an attempt to bring another shade of things outside the Japanese spectrum, I found myself wandering over to where else but the mighty RR, safe in the knowledge that there was bound to be at least a dozen items that would catch my eye. Of course, I was correct. I shall now share with you a select few things that I thought were pretty damn special, starting with this;

1940s Diamond T-truck w. 40ft Trailer on the ¼ Mile

1940's Diamond T-truck w. 40ft Trailer on the ¼ Mile

That’s right, a truck & trailer running on the strip.  Not only is it epically cool just at that but the trailer unit is a portable American Diner!  …and the time it ran?  27seconds!   Sadly in my brief Google about it, I could find no more info, if you want to see the thread about it on RR, you can click this.

Another that almost instantly caught my eye was this… (more…)