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Part IV of this brings it to an end, this final day involved the majority of the cars being parked in some sports grounds for the public to oggle at.  It was a good day, sadly I didn’t have the time to take photos of everything that was there but I did take as many as I could in the time I had.  I think there’s a pretty decent selection to have a squiz at.  One of my favourite, if not my favourite of the whole she-bang, I didn’t stumble upon until the show/display and that was this car…

1935 Aubern Speedster

1935 Auburn Speedster

The information on would indicate that this is in fact a Custom-built, so it’s either a replica or there was some strange dealings done in getting it onto the road.  Whatever the case, be it replica or not, it’s an amazing machine.  What’s not to like?  It’s a truly amazing machine, the whole sculpted body is just craftsmanship perfected, I’d own one in a heartbeat if I could, here’s some more shots and some of what else was on display including the link to the flickr Gallery with 95 images… (more…)