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Only an OCD bastard would make a post about badges, right? Damn right.

Here’s what arrived for me today hot off the plane from Japan.

moar swag! (by retro-classics)


with the recession looming I’ve decided to put my grandiose plans of building a 300PS FJ20ET on hold, and so I’m freshening up the DR30 coupe instead since I’m no longer selling it. Wanting to save up for an overseas trip next year may also have influenced this new direction somewhat. Fortunately, the coupe doesn’t really require a heap of work to get it looking mint again; the list I’ve mentally compiled for myself only has five entries on it.

And with the arrival of the following items I can cross the first one off:


I love seeing shots inside workshops/sheds, especially those that have their focus on older cars.  There’s usually some pretty special stuff hanging about.  I’ve been inside a certain shed in Dunedin that houses some pretty magical things generally of a Datsun/Nissan nature. FJ24′s, L-series “RACE USE ONLY” labelled intake manifolds, all manner of impressive bits and pieces.  When I got these photos via email from Ewan ( I was suitably impressed and thought I would share them with you all.

Background; Corolla, Sunny Foreground: WRX, Crown

Background; Corolla, Sunny Foreground: WRX, Crown

How cool is that?  Working on the moderns but with classics taking every possible other section of space…  Too cool.  So what else is in the workshop?


British V8 – or not?

June 12, 2009

Alex shared this website with me a few weeks back, not really his thing he didn’t feel compelled to make a blog entry about it, I however thought it would be ideal to do so.  Despite the title, it’s essentially a site dedicated to conversion in British cars, be they 4, 6 or 8 or otherwise (there’s bound to be a rotary conversion on there somewhere, surely)  This first one I’ll show you is the one that caught my attention up front, especially being that when you think conversion into an MG or some such, you tend to think Rover V8.  Not this car though, this is a whole different tack that likely offends a lot of the MG faithful.

1962 MGA MkII

1962 MGA MkII

Externally, it appears as any other MGA, even if you take a closer look around it, you’d think that.  It’s not until you see what’s under the bonnet that you realise it isn’t your average MGA (more…)

From time to time I get the occasional bewildered comment along the lines of, “So your Ford Laser was actually made in Japan? And sold in Japan brand new? But I always thought they were Australian cars? Are you sure you didn’t just buy it off a Japanese guy or something?”

So here is proof that Lasers did in fact exist in Japan, in the form of a short Youtube tidbit:

note: Autorama was the 1980s Ford-Mazda Japan joint sales venture.

Classic RALLY! Scans

June 10, 2009

I thought I would throw something a little different to what’s been up of late into the mix and take some scans from I book I have called “RALLY!” it’s a 1970′s book, written by John Davenport and published by Hamlyn.  If the pictures interest you, the books ISBN is; 0 600 37570 0

It’s almost rude to not have an Escort front such an entry.  However… I’m often described as rude.

Lincoln Mercury Comet

Lincoln Mercury Comet, Factory entered Nissan Cedric in Background

Keep in mind these are scans out of an old book, if you click on the picture, it will take you to the largest resolution I could get from the book without them appearing marred in some manner.

Of course, there are Escorts, just click (more…)