Only an OCD bastard would make a post about badges, right? Damn right.

Here’s what arrived for me today hot off the plane from Japan.

moar swag! (by retro-classics)


with the recession looming I’ve decided to put my grandiose plans of building a 300PS FJ20ET on hold, and so I’m freshening up the DR30 coupe instead since I’m no longer selling it. Wanting to save up for an overseas trip next year may also have influenced this new direction somewhat. Fortunately, the coupe doesn’t really require a heap of work to get it looking mint again; the list I’ve mentally compiled for myself only has five entries on it.

And with the arrival of the following items I can cross the first one off:

RS badges (by retro-classics) strongest skyline ever (by retro-classics)

The pair of RS guard badges (genuine Nissan parts) were sourced from carshop-omote, who kindly included a little extra with my order: the white and red decal as seen above. Literally translated, it reads Skyline is the strongest in the history of the world, or put more simply Strongest Skyline Ever.

the origin of this can be viewed at the beginning of this commercial from 1982:

Next up, the bonnet stylized S and rear bootlid X emblems (genuine Nissan), courtesy of the famous JENESIS webshop. Again, an extra item was included in the form of a large NISSAN PDC (Prince Dealers Club) sticker. Freakin’ choice.

skyline bits (by retro-classics)

if anyone was wondering, the tiny text in the full stop after PDC reads “I am big fan of Skyline” :D and obviously the item in the grey packet is a stick-on JAF badge from Ewan @ hayatonka, who was once again instrumental in putting this order together for me. Gotta love these little bonuses!

Anyway, the coupe’s off to my panelbeater this week to get the old badges removed and the new ones mounted. Then I can move on to item #2 on the list of things to be done, namely replace all the accessory belts and give the car another service… but that’s a story for another day.

finally, there was ONE last thing included with the order which I decided to buy and put aside for the RX-7′s eventual restoration, and just like the B-pillar badges from earlier in the month it was pure dumb luck that I managed to stumble across it on Yahoo Auctions Japan:

ROTARY TURBO decal (by retro-classics)

that’s right, the ultimate in obsessive compulsion – a new old stock SA22C RX-7 Rotary Turbo front bumper decal. To make the banana look like this:

I wouldn’t mind some of those rims too, but again, that’ll be a story for some other day.

SA22C RX-7 image courtesy of Craig’s Rotary Page

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