Alright guys with much thanks again from I have a few XL sized Historix Japan tshirts to give away.   Unfortunately I’m far too slight of frame to be able to use either of these shirts without looking like I’m trying to be an american gangster.


Historix Japan 2010 T-Shirts and 2011 Stickers

I also have a couple of stickers to go with as you can see in the picture, one for each shirt.

I apologise for the terrible photograph, my cameras are both flat and the cellphone was all I had.

If you’re interested, let me know what celestial car shares the “110″ as part of it’s name/code. (NOTE: It’s not a Nissan so don’t start with B110, S110, etc.) as with last month, all correct answers will go into a draw and two winner’s drawn from there.


P.S. I’ll notify the winner’s of last month’s competition soon.


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