Choiceness! Ewan’s (of Celica recently made an appearance on one of the Minkara blogs I browse regularly. Looks like these photos were taken in the parking lot at the 2011 Nagoya Nostalgic Car Show. Very cool to see the Celica making the rounds and attracting a whole heap of attention over in Japland.

Definitely turning heads.

Especially with this setup “lurking” under (and over) the bonnet!

1UZ-FE with Super Charger.

Hard to miss the V-can green paintjob – itself a bit of an inside joke :)

Dem flares and dat wing!

And as a bonus, here’s a tidy facelift KHR30 Paul Newman Version for old man Michael. One day, he says to himself…

PNV Envy.

Nostalgic Car Show Nagoya (part 2) photo album on Minkara »

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