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With Ewan bringing in another container shortly I’ve been looking on YAJ much more frequently and given that, I figured I might as well compose a bit of a dream list setup of parts I would love to get if I had the money.


Period Buckets, x2 = 60000JPY



Combine a 12 volt battery, a GM-4M amp, a KP-707G cassette deck/graphic EQ combo, a speaker I pulled out of my old AW11, and an old tape I had lying around… clearly I had nothing better to do this evening.

The setup will eventually be going into the RX-7 anyway, so it was a useful test if nothing else.

With many thanks to Mark (tenphive), I now have a few panels that are sitting aside up country for me to pay for and have sent down to aid in the recovery of my 110.

So much less storage space required.


Fresh off the container from Japan!

I now have all the components required to build the audio setup for the RX-7 (and eventually squid, seeing as there’s enough stuff for two cars here, plus some leftovers…) As soon as I find my spare 12V battery I can get on to testing each unit to see what is operational and what isn’t.

No, I'm not going to put them all in one car.

Being a “Component” system, the cassette decks don’t actually function unless plugged in via one of the main amps (each module has a ‘standard’ Pioneer 8-pin connector), with the graphic equalizer being an in-line unit. As you can see from the photo there are three amps to choose from – the top one is a “baby” GM-2 with 6.5W of continuous power, the middle one is a midrange GM-4M with 16W, and the bottom one is the mean mother thirty-watt GM-D8. Nifty.

The decks themselves, from top to bottom, are a KP-77G, another KP-707G (to match the one I bought off trademe for a dollar), and a KP-88G.

Now all I gotta do is conjure up some cassettes to test with. Off to Real Groovy with five bucks I shall go!

Well, okay, maybe one last thing needs to be said: MOAR LOW IS REQUIRED.

At long last, they have been fitted.

Time for some coilovers ex Japan? Blarrrghh! It never ends!

fronts: 15×6.5+14.5, 205/55/15
rears: 15×7.0+15, 225/50/15