Retro audio revisited

May 10, 2011

To anyone who’s noticed my lack of updates recently, apologies for the leave of absence but moving house is such a chore. All settled in to the new place now though, so let the posts re-commence flowing henceforth! It’s also been a while since regular blog entries I know, but Michael should be back from Nationals any minute and will most likely have a swag of photos and crazy anecdotes to share in the upcoming days to keep you all entertained.

on to the subject at hand: $1 reserve auctions on Trademe are awesome, aren’t they? Especially when you pick up gems such as this vintage “Lonesome Car-boy” KP-707G component tape deck in unknown condition, but still in its original packaging.

For a dollar.

Mint. In Box.

I have no way of testing the unit until these arrive from Japan, but for the measly sum of $1 it’s almost worth cracking open purely as an experiment (Provided I can put it back together again afterwards, of course.) At least it would give me a good idea of where to find the pre-amp channels on the mainboard.

Brushed aluminium front lends a touch of class.

Then again, the other KP-707G currently on its way over from Japan has a broken tape motor, as far as I know, so perhaps I’ll hold off on pulling this unit apart until everything arrives and I’ve had a chance to test and ascertain what’s worth leaving alone and what’s worth disassembling.

According to Ewan’s last update the container is set to land sometime in the next two weeks. I’m looking forward to it, as there are some other bits and pieces arriving in the same shipment which will be worthy of their own small updates when the time comes. Can’t wait!

Dolby NR System was a Big Thing in the early '80s.

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