I wasn’t going to share this until I had found out more about it, but funds are extremely tight at the moment and as such I’m not sure when or if I’ll be able to do any investigating in the near or even not so near future.  Thanks to a lovely man named Eddie.  I received a PM via a UK based forum, http://www.oldjapanesecar.com/ which showed me a picture.  A picture that made me almost choke and die.  I made inquiries with Ed as to the relative date of said picture and was informed that it was a few months old at the most.  So…  “What is this wonderful picture?” I hear you ask.

Prince Skyline Deluxe S21D-4

Prince Skyline Deluxe S21D-4

That’s right… another S21 Prince Skyline.  Like mine, but blue instead of “Corronado Yellow” and as the more observant of you will notice, it has a particular countries plates on it.  Namely ours.  Not only is this rare car sitting in a shed, relatively well kept, but it’s doing so in New Zealand!  You can CarJam those plates if you like, they’ll do you no good however, they belong to a dead Toyota Hiace van.   What’s even more interesting is not just the previous mentioned facts (perhaps it’s only me who finds that interesting?) but that this car isn’t even that far away from me.  It’s certainly further than my one, which lived in my own town.  It’s only 3 odd hours away.  I know exactly where it lives and I have the phone number.  Now…   if only I had the money.   It looks perhaps a little more sketchy than mine but… it does have at least one piece of trim I need for mine and some of hubcaps where I only have 3.  Those minor things alone are enough to force me into a state of glee.  The whole car, would be magical to attain.  Hopefully I can get my finances sorted at least enough to brave a phonecall.  I have a feeling it may be with a person who collects cars, rather than sells them but you don’t know until you try and when I try, I think I’ll need the financial backing to committ.

Amazing though right??!  Thanks to the original photographer of the car and a big thanks to Eddie Rattley (www.ratdat.com) for bringing it to my attention.  Even if I don’t end up getting it, I’m forever grateful to have been informed of it’s existence.


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  • Bryn says:

    Now read this post as well, I just assumed you knew about the car but didn’t know it was up for sale… He’s got a load of other stuff, mainly Brit, Fiat 600D, prewar stuff too and has to be out by the end of January.

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