OK, so it’s not feature week anymore but the Nationals are well enough in the past that the majority if not entirity of all videos taken have been processed and posted, so what I figured I would do is put them all in one place, using the embed YouTube feature so that they’re essentially thumb-nailed and easier to find whatever one it might be that you’re looking for.  Unfortunately, the fantastic video compilation from ‘Thousand Dollar Supercar’ is not on YouTube, but rather on Google Video/Picasa/Something else.  So I’ll just have to link to that one.

Coverage from ‘thegreatestben‘ showing X100 Chaser, Z30 Soarer, S13 SX, AE86 Corolla, Z10 Soarer, KE20 Corolla, MX5, KB110 Sunny, RA23 Celica & KP61 Starlet.

Coverage from ‘Yakuza Cruiser‘ showing Z10 Soarer

Coverage from ‘toyabusa‘ showing his brother’s MkII Escort

Coverage from ‘durty‘ of the BSP MkII Escort

Coverage from ‘NZDMAE86‘ showing; MkI Escort, LA Lancer, TX Gemini, GSR Subaru, 480 Volvo, 33 Alfa Romeo, Z10 Soarer, KB110 Sunny, TX Gemini Coupe, MkII Escort, AW11 MR2, MkI Polo, KE20 Corolla, B210 Sunny & A164A Eterna.

Coverage from ‘brocky41‘ showing; KB110 Sunny

RA23 Toyota Celica

Vauxhall Chevette Wagon, Z10 Toyota Soarer, MkII Escort.

KP61 Starlet & RA23 Celica vs. Z10 Soarer.

B210 Sunny, MkI Escort, AW11 MR2

KE20 Corolla

B210 Sunny, 33 Alfa Romeo

Everyone Leaving the Lake, Part 1.

Everyone Leaving the Lake, Part 2.

… So that’s it. At least at the moment for YouTube car videos. Below is the link to the videos filmed, edited and compiled by ‘Thousand Dollar Supercar‘. They’re seriously sweet. I suggest you watch them.




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