The viewing of the motorsport at Bathurst was surprisingly tame, the crowds didn’t have anywhere near the ferocity I expected, the muted Holden and Ford fans seemed content to simply watch the race as opposed to get in each-other’s faces about whether the oval or the general was winning. The campsite as well seemed devoid of the expected rivalry and shenanigans, with only the occasional jibe when a car was driving past to “Get a Holden”. It’s worse at local NZv8 meets at Teretonga! This might speak to Australian bogans being slightly more civilised than New Zealand ones.

Anyway, enough jibber jabber, on with the photographic evidence;

The Classic Muscle Cars lining up on the Mt. Panorama grid.

I really wasn’t that fussed to watch the V8 SuperTaxi’s but the Australians throw their muscle cars around in this grid way more than we do in NZ and the racing was quite entertaining.

Jim Richards in the Javelin came into contact with a silly Mustang.

Before the racing on both race days, there was entertainment from an Australian AirForce jet, it was super loud and super badass to watch

Leaving… on a Jet Plane, don;t know when I’ll be back again…

In front of the museum on the main days were a gaggle of Torana, I believe it had something to do with some kind of Anniv. but it may very well just have been a club in attendance, needless to say there was a whole lot and this photograph misses out half of them;

GT-R mate, XU1. How good is it?

I only took a few static shots of cars about the place, paddock or camp-site and here’s a couple of the better ones;

Awesome Peter Stuyvesant RX7

The 7 was either legit or a very, very fine and committed replica of the actual car, whatever the case it looked damned fine.

Mustang Fastback

The fastback itself isn’t so wonderful but it came rumbling into the paddock area whilst Parker and I were walking about and it managed to get itself into a pose position quite well.  Everything else was under cover in the sheds behind so it’s easily the best photo I have of these critters.

Blue Meanie Remake

..from the back

This modern re-hash of the popular VK Blue Meanie is surprisingly staunch in person, the 19″ vented alloys are a brilliant touch.  Normally I’d not blink at such a car but I have to admit that I was quite impressed by not only this replica but the later VL SS replica to it’s right.

I do have one photo from the great race…

Tander broke a wheel doofer on his Taxi.


That essentially sums up the coverage, there were a few nights of sing a longs on the camp ground and it was great to meet some new oldschool people and catch up with those others that I only get to see on occasion due to living at the bottom of the world.  With much pissing about we packed up the camp-site, gave away some of it, burnt other parts of it and left for the massive journey home, dropping off the Sydney bound at the train station along the way;

Farewell fine chaps and chapettes!

With that done, I continued to skipper the Buick freighter back to it’s abode in Brisbane.  Non-stop, as Spencer had done on the way down, the difference of course being that Spencer had now spent way more time awake and drunk than before the journey down, which lead to this when he got home;

Passed out cold.

Cheers for the good times everyone.  Hopefully I’ll see most of you, if not all, at the oldschool, Nationals in April next year.  If not, then boo.  You suck.  I’ve already booked my time off for it so I have to come, this also means YOU ALL READING THIS have to come.  You can find out more details on the forums.





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