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The viewing of the motorsport at Bathurst was surprisingly tame, the crowds didn’t have anywhere near the ferocity I expected, the muted Holden and Ford fans seemed content to simply watch the race as opposed to get in each-other’s faces about whether the oval or the general was winning. The campsite as well seemed devoid of the expected rivalry and shenanigans, with only the occasional jibe when a car was driving past to “Get a Holden”. It’s worse at local NZv8 meets at Teretonga! This might speak to Australian bogans being slightly more civilised than New Zealand ones.

Anyway, enough jibber jabber, on with the photographic evidence;

The Classic Muscle Cars lining up on the Mt. Panorama grid.

I really wasn’t that fussed to watch the V8 SuperTaxi’s but the Australians throw their muscle cars around in this grid way more than we do in NZ and the racing was quite entertaining.