I wandered out to the shops today to get my little nephew a gift for his second birthday, I decided on trying to find some sort of sweet garage or dinky car play-set.   I ended up with a “Motor Max” one as the selection of such things was a combination of terrible and horrifically priced.

The largest problem with the set though was that it only came with two cars and they looked shit.   I was having none of that so I bought a couple of HotWheels cars to go with it instead;

Mazda RX7 S1 & BMW 2002 Turbo

I’ll not have any relation of mine putting up with shit-house pretend cars, sure.. he’s two, he’ll smash them up but at least they’ll look realistic.   Interestingly, the RX7 has JNC and JDM Legends decals on it.  I tried to find the HotWheels C110 so he could play with a car like his uncle owns, sadly they had none there and I don’t want to give him the one I bought ages ago, hahaha.


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