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First thing in the morning (Friday) I woke up relatively early in the day feeling surprisingly refreshed, especially when taking into account the entire night of sleep missed that was filled in by co-pilot Buick missions.  I joined Mr. Grotty McParker in a brief tour of the area as everyone else was still asleep.  We wandered the merchandising tents and found very little worthy of caring about but we also took the time to visit the paddock and the museum.

George Fury’s 1984 Pole Position grabbing 910 Bluebird of Z18T wonderment

The first thing visible at the museum was the sweet, sweet 910 of Mr. Fury which was sitting in the window as you entered, I had a good wee nosey around it but it was all closed up so I couldn’t scope out the interior or underneath the bonnet.  Further inside the museum were other amazing cars.