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Fresh off the container from Japan!

I now have all the components required to build the audio setup for the RX-7 (and eventually squid, seeing as there’s enough stuff for two cars here, plus some leftovers…) As soon as I find my spare 12V battery I can get on to testing each unit to see what is operational and what isn’t.

No, I'm not going to put them all in one car.

Being a “Component” system, the cassette decks don’t actually function unless plugged in via one of the main amps (each module has a ‘standard’ Pioneer 8-pin connector), with the graphic equalizer being an in-line unit. As you can see from the photo there are three amps to choose from – the top one is a “baby” GM-2 with 6.5W of continuous power, the middle one is a midrange GM-4M with 16W, and the bottom one is the mean mother thirty-watt GM-D8. Nifty.

The decks themselves, from top to bottom, are a KP-77G, another KP-707G (to match the one I bought off trademe for a dollar), and a KP-88G.

Now all I gotta do is conjure up some cassettes to test with. Off to Real Groovy with five bucks I shall go!