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With Xmas less than a week away (and the new year following not long afterwards) I turn my attention back to this post made shortly after the turn of 2010 involving a certain silver Skyline. It was a rather whimsical entry detailing a list of things which needed to be done in order to gain “400PS+” in said vehicle, and the first steps taken down this path… of glory? destruction? Something like that.

Fast forward nearly twelve months, and the list now looks like this:

COMMITMENT, part 2. Or what actually happened in 2010.

That! was! MADNESS!

So contrary to all expectations at the time, 2010 ended up being the Year of the Banana instead.

One bitter irony: I fixed the Skyline’s alternator with parts from Japan, only to have it shit itself again in exactly the same manner as before. As a result I now plan to fit an alternator from a Subaru in protest. Screw you, Nissan.

But don’t worry, 2011 will more than likely become the Year of the Squid, if the (more…)

Piloted by none other than… myself. (As if the shades didn’t give it away)

It ain't pretty, but it's got it where it counts

Even with my relatively conservative (read: noob) lines I still managed to punt said racecar to a 1:56 PB around Track 1 at Taupo with the new ‘slow’ turn 12, which trumps my previous record in my own FWD TX3 by a whole twelve seconds. I can only imagine what sort of laptimes a more experienced/ballsy driver could be capable of doing in that thing.

the Mirage is running a mildly tickled Dirk-spec 4G63 out of a VR-4 and tricky diffs front and rear (yup it’s 4WD). There has been talk of re-tuning the car to run 20psi of boost; now we’re getting serious.

Thanks to Logan/Gorgasm for the photo, and to the guys from Rogue Racing for the chance to blaze around Taupo in this :)

Spotted on AMON: one very tidy 1980 series 1 RX-7. I kinda prefer the smoother lines of the updated series 3 fascias, side mouldings and bumpers but SA22Cs have one of the sweetest looking bodystyles in my books regardless.

All panda spec, albeit with a body coloured fibreglass ducktail.


Car Spotting; Bertone Beauty

December 7, 2010

As I was closing the shop yesterday, I lumbered outside to bring in the signs and standing resplendent near the curb was this wonderful example of a motor car;


Nizfest 2010

December 1, 2010

Apologies for the lack of Nizfest 2010 photos – my 8GB CF card full to the brim of related imagery is playing up and I’ll have to get technical on its arse in order to retrieve said items.

In the meantime you can check out Craig’s gallery over at the Datsun forums.

I should hopefully have my photos up by the end of the week but no promises.